Five/Four Productions Mastering Services

Mastering is the final stage of audio production to produce and deliver the Master Audio of your project. Five/Four's exclusive REVEAL SDMTM process is employed in mastering audio for CD, SACD, DVD, and Blu-ray manufacturing, M4iT (Mastered For iTunes) on-line music download services, and vinyl. The all-important mastering process is the last chance to make level, tone, dynamic range, and track order adjustments and to add ISRC, UPC, and track metadata to the audio files. A meticulous and experienced hand in the mastering process can help determine how your project will be perceived by the world. A master carpenter would never scrimp on the final finish applied to a beautiful hand-built cabinet. Your music project deserves the same careful attention to detail to present your musical performances in the best possible form and sound.


Mastering Experience

Our team's audio mastering experience began in 1972 with the mastering and cutting of lacquer masters from analog tape for vinyl LP, continued in 1978 with the first modern direct-to-lacquer recording of a symphony orchestra, to recording among the first 50 kHz digital audio recordings with the pioneering Soundstream digital recording system and helping produce the first all-digitally recorded orchestral CD in partnership with Sony and Philips. Beta and production work in the early 1990s with the earliest digital audio workstation systems from Sonic Solutions and SADiE led to extensive work with Sony and Philips to help develop the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording and editing systems and to produce the world's first SACDs. Our pioneering DSD work continues today with Five/Four having made the world's first 11.2 MHz (256x) DSD recording. Also acknowledged as innovators and leaders of surround sound recording for over twenty years, the Five/Four team has recorded, mixed, and mastered hundreds of notable surround music releases across classical, jazz, blues, and pop genres.


Our multiple GRAMMY® Awards for Production, Best-Engineered Recording and Best Surround Album, plus other notable music industry accolades, clearly demonstrate that your recording project couldn't be in better hands than with Five/Four Productions.